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The Mission of this program is to empower student achievement one student at a time to ensure that
no child would ever be left behind.

The Higher Ground tutorial program is targeted at youth, kindergarten - 12th grade, who have difficulty in their academic achievements and difficulty functioning in the regular school setting. Youth will be helped in maximizing their learning potential; identifying and bringing together their talents and effectively redistributing them in an effort to not only build self-esteem and self-worth individually, but to help build it in others. Thereby helping to build a strong community. The "Higher Ground" tutorial program will provide tutoring in the academic curriculums and recreational activities.


Our purpose

  • Academic Achievements
  • MEAP, MIP Testing
  • ACT and SAT Test Scores
  • Open Court Reading
  • Increasing youth self esteem
  • Developing positive values
  • Making positive life choices
  • Becoming self-sufficient, productive citizens
  • Improving conflict resolution skills
  • Improving social and communicational skills
  • Strengthening relationships with family and peers
  • Promoting community and civic involvement
  • Parent meeting

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